Cleaning the Stables - Morris Lurie

Cleaning the Stables

Cleaning the Stables

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Shortly before his death in 2014, an elderly man brought his publisher friend a crumpled purple folder filled with type-written pages. Cleaning the Stables he called it: a selection of stories, poems and a recipe that he didn't want left behind.

In this posthumous collection we are given a feast of mostly unpublished treasures from the great literary life of Morris Lurie. Written in the wry and ironic style he was celebrated for, these pieces are sometimes odd, always clever, and at times profoundly moving as they give us insight into a man who had a truly unique way of interpreting and writing about the world around him.

'One of the most significant Australian writers of his generation.' - Peter Pierce, editor of the Cambridge History of Australian Literature

'A sharp, rare writer with an acerbic wit.' - Kevin Childs, The Guardian
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Racconti brevi Traduttore:

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Editore: Hybrid Publishers
Pubblicato: 2015-10-01
ISBN: 9781925280470

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