Lindy Lee - Songs on Mill Hill Audio Collection - Kimberly Simms

Lindy Lee - Songs on Mill Hill Audio Collection

Lindy Lee - Songs on Mill Hill Audio Collection

0.0 0 5 Schrijver: Kimberly Simms Voorlezer: Kimberly Simms
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
This short collections of poetry contains poems from the new full collection collection Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill written by Kimberly Simms. This book is for the history buff, student, and poetry lover alike. Ron Rash says of the collection, ''Kimberly Simms writes with eloquence and empathy about an important part of Southern history too often neglected.' 'Focused on a life sewn into mill town culture of the early twentieth century and on through the sixties, Kimberly Simms' Lindy Lee: Songs on Mill Hill reignite an important (but often forgotten) crux of the South's history. These are not lugubrious, nostalgia-laden poems longing for a South that never was: they are, in sum, a beautiful lens through which to celebrate and record the joys and hardships of a charged, mythic, and sweat-soaked place, its kin and kith, and the microcosmic realities that gather to form a dynamism, a culture still moving, abiding in memory and the heart.' --William Wright 'With an eye for keen and often surprising details, Kimberly Simms captures the cadence, the splendor, and the heartache of the lives of Southern textile mill workers. These poems of sorrow, joy, and redemption are the sort of literary experience that stick with you longer after the final line has fallen into an echo.' --Ryan G. Van Cleave 'Innovative and entertaining. Often Simms reminds me of Rita Dove's THOMAS AND BEULAH, the ability to capture a whole human life in only a few carefully-crafted lines. Simms blends the folk-road with the erudite, makes the plain-spoken country-speak stand for the deepest spiritual constructs with our souls. I've read this collection several times for the delight and the surprise. I strongly suspect other readers will too. What a new craftsman is here!' --Paul Allen Included poems: The Cotton Mill's Song, Mama's Song, The Ugly Jug, Dip, Cliff Jump, Lindy Lee's Trout Breakfast, Hop Along Little Crown, Brother's Mess of Crosses, and Blue Panes. These poems tie into state history standards for South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.
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Meer info over het audioboek:

Uitgeverij: Authors Republic
Verschenen: 2017-04-20
Lengte: 12M
ISBN: 9781518947261

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