Murder in Galway - Carlene O’Connor

Murder in Galway

Murder in Galway

3,8 20 5 Schrijver: Carlene O’Connor Voorlezer: Heather O’Neill
New Yorker Tara Meehans first trip to Galway may be her last

Tara never imagined her introduction to Ireland like this–carrying her mams ashes to honor her final request: Tell Johnny I'm sorry Take me home. She's never met her mams estranged brother, Johnny Meehan, who owns an architectural salvage business in Galway. Although Tara is immediately charmed by the medieval city, the locals seem wary of strangers and a gypsy warns her that death is all around.

When Tara arrives at her uncle's stone cottage, the prophesy seems true. A dead man lies sprawled over the threshold in a pool of blood. The victim turns out to be Johnnys wealthiest client, and her missing uncle is the gardas numberone suspect. In trying to find Johnny and solve the crime, Tara uncovers her mam and uncles troubled past. But with a desperate killer about, she had better mind herself, or they'll be tossing her ashes in Galway Bay.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Misdaad Vertaler:

Meer info over het luisterboek:

Uitgeverij: Recorded Books, Inc.
Verschenen: 2020-04-28
Lengte: 9U 26M
ISBN: 9781980076353

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