Manna from Heaven - Roger Zelazny

Manna from Heaven

Manna from Heaven

0 0 5 Schrijver: Roger Zelazny
Manna From Heaven is finally available in an electronic edition. The collection includes an introduction by Stephen Brust, and six shorts set in the Amber Universe.

In addition to the 16 stories that ran in the print edition, the electronic editions has three additional stories. “Nine Starships Waiting, ” “Tunnel Vision, ” and “The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker. ” A must for any science fiction, fantasy, or Zelazny fan. Stories included are: “Godson” “Manna from Heaven” “Corrida” “Prince of the Powers of this World” “The Furies” “The Deadliest Game” “Kalifriki of the Thread” “Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love” “Lady of Steel” “Come to Me Not in Winter’s White” (with Harlan Ellison) “The New Pleasure” “The House of the Hanged Man” “Epithalamium” “The Last Inn on the Road” (with Danny Plachta) “Stowaway” “Angel, Dark Angel” “Nine Starships Waiting” “Tunnel Vision” “The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker” Six From AMBER “Prologue to Trumps of Doom” “Blue Horse, Dancing Mountains” “The Salesman’s Tale” “The Shroudling and the Guisel” “Coming to a Cord” “Hall of Mirrors”
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Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Positronic Publishing
Verschenen: 2020-06-24
ISBN: 9781515445425

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