Spanked By The Royal's Bundle - Lovillia Hearst, Aaliyah Jackson, Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell

Spanked By The Royal's Bundle

Spanked By The Royal's Bundle

5 1 5 Auteur: Lovillia Hearst, Aaliyah Jackson, Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell
This bundle includes the following sizzling titles… . .

Bred By The King In Public

Her face flushed red as she looked at the jeering crowd around her, and felt the King's hands around her waist…

The inability of his Queen to get pregnant leads King Edward to annul the marriage. The rumour that the problem was not her, but him, begins to circulate and he knows he needs to prove his virility to continue his lineage and deter the challenge of those who would seek to remove him from power.

Royally Screwed Out Of My Virginity

When Alice overhears two arrogant noblemen wagering who would be the first to take her virginity, she's partially insulted and partially turned on. She had never had two men so openly objectifying her before, and even as she firmly puts them in their place, she can't help but notice her body's reaction to their words.

Deflowered By The Sheikh

In the grasp of the all-powerful Sheikh, Yasmin will be pushed to the limit in every way…

Yasmin has always done what she's been told, but when her father tells her she's been arraigned to be married to Sheikh Saleem Bin Al Moussa she is shocked. Saleem is a notorious playboy, and if half of what has been said about his extreme sexual appetite is true, than Yasmin will be completely unprepared to be taken unprotected for the first time.

The Royal Slut

But you're a prince… and your wife might find out!

Monica is an educated black woman living in the US. When she lands the opportunity of her lifetime working for Prince Nathanial, she accepts a first-class flight over to his palace without hesitation. It's only when Nathanial's wife goes on a trip that he reveals his true reason for hiring her - he wants an ebony plaything, and he's a man who thinks he should always gets what he wants. Monica will have to choose between a fling with the handsome prince and her morals…

Spanked By The Billionaire Sheikh

When Christy gets her dream job in Dubai she jumps at the chance to work for Hassan, the billionaire Sheikh. When she arrives it's only a matter of time before the handsome and all-powerful leader begins to control her - telling her what to wear and showering her with gifts, designer dresses and heels worth thousands, telling her how to act at his high profile parties, and before long it becomes obvious what he really wants: Christy as his submissive, willing whore.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Salacious Stories
Verschenen: 2019-05-09
ISBN: 6610000172269

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