How To Impress Anyone - Leil Lowndes

How To Impress Anyone

How To Impress Anyone

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We all want to make a good impression, whether it's in business, in love, in life. We all regardless of money, education, looks, or personality want to be able to meet new people and converse with confidence; be credible and charismatic in social and business situations; make friends and important contacts wherever we go; and command the respect of everyone we meet. How To Impress Anyone shows you how to be one of those lucky few 'master communicators' who everyone enjoys speaking with. Let author and motivational expert, Leil Lowndes, arm you with all new, cutting edge, research based techniques for communication success. You will smash the invisible glass ceiling that keeps too many people down both personally and professionally, and reach greater rewards in all of your relationships!
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Uitgeverij: Listen & Live Audio
Verschenen: 2009-01-01
Lengte: 3U 24M
ISBN: 9781593164799

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