Resolve Inner Conflict - Fiori Giovanni

Resolve Inner Conflict

Resolve Inner Conflict

0.0 0 5 Schrijver: Fiori Giovanni Voorlezer: Michael Nikou
Beschikbaar als audioboek.
When inner conflict becomes too much for us, our insecurities are projected onto other people. We move to a place where deeper interpersonal conflict, insomnia and strife exist. What are your innermost fears? What keeps you up at night? What prevents you from doing all that you want to do? Imagine a world where you look to what you can do, instead of what you feel stopped you from doing. Imagine a divine place where you are unencumbered by your fears and have your potential unleashed. At My Mind Valley that’s what we envision and we promise to help you do it. With our inherently powerful program you will be able to live in a world where you understand good and bad, strength and limitation, whilst not feeling burdened. This will help you have an “I can do” and “I will forgive” attitude instead of an “I hate this” and “I hate that” attitude. Good things will surely manifest. Key points regarding how you will benefit from ‘Resolve inner conflict’ are: • Increase your perspective and compassion • Keep from being inhibited by your conflicts • Unleash your potential and live the life that you have always wanted • Get past anxiety to be more productive • Improve your interpersonal relationships • Gain total and complete peace of mind Get this product now and resolve your inner conflicts once and for all.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling Vertaler:

Meer info over het audioboek:

Uitgeverij: Author's Republic
Verschenen: 2018-08-02
Lengte: 38M
ISBN: 9781982716813

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