Every Shattered Dream - Part Two - T.A. Chase

Every Shattered Dream - Part Two

Every Shattered Dream - Part Two

3.0 2 5 Schrijver: T.A. Chase
Beschikbaar als e-book.
In fulfilling a promise made forty-five years ago, Logan discovers love in the most unusual way. After retiring from the army, Logan Shelton finds himself at loose ends. Then he goes to buy a car from a man, and his life takes a strange turn. After the mans death, Logan discovers the man left him all of his personal belongings. In the glove compartment of the car, Logan finds two letters and a package, and discovers the first owner of the Camaro is haunting him. The more he learns about the man, the more Logan is determined to deliver the letter and package. As Logan begins his mission to take the items he found in the car to the man whose name was on them, he meets Dawson Harrow. Dawson is a professor of military history and a psychic. Logans story intrigues the handsome professor, inspiring him to join forces with Logan to complete the packages journey while exploring the attraction between them.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Verschenen: 2013-09-06
ISBN: 9781781844410

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