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Jonathan Gems - Three Plays

Jonathan Gems - Three Plays

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Susans Breasts Gemss piece is a bitter dissection of the heroin generation, where bright young things attempt to maintain their rigid codes of personal freedom and loveless sex ... Sparky, sexy, sterile Susan is the object of Gemss despair, and the object of desire for her predatory he-admirers - a loutish intellectual, a wise-cracking, good-time restaurateur, and a fi lm-maker with acute semiotics-disease. It is only the old-fashioned romantic love professed by Lemon, a Romeo-cum-seer, which makes the eponymous breasts swell with maternity. Sharply observed and often carrying a charge of rich comic irony. - Time Out Naked Robots An extremely well-written evocation of life in the style-conscious world of popular music. - The Sunday Times The Paranormalist The climax of The Paranormalist has Denholm Elliott in spotlit levitation above a bickering family in a suburban living room. Dishevelled in baggy cardy and slippers, Elliott gives an affectionate and authoritative portrayal as an English eccentric. Its a brilliant performance in an exhilarating new play which interweaves drawing-room farce with a witty use of the paranormal. - Ann McFerran, Time Out
Taal: Engels Categorie: Drama & Poëzie Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Oberon Books Ltd
Verschenen: 2016-08-03
ISBN: 9781783198450

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