King of the Last Days: An epic historical medieval adventure - Diana Norman

King of the Last Days: An epic historical medieval adventure

King of the Last Days: An epic historical medieval adventure

2 1 5 Schrijver: Diana Norman
The compelling story of a medieval monastery in Glastonbury, the young monk who tries to bring its treasure to the king, and the companions he meets along the way.

The cowled figures which stood around the open grave in the moonlight at Glastonbury in the year 1189 were used to mystery, but even they were overawed by what was in the coffin. Their ancient monastery was in trouble and if this sword was really King Arthur’s, then they had a great relic to send to their king.

However, their king is in France, fighting his son, Richard Coeur de Lion. Getting the sword to him will be a perilous business for the monk entrusted with the task. And can the companions he picks up on the way, a formidable Prioress and a Crusader haunted by the massacre in the Holy Land, be trusted with the secret?

What’s more, the king he seeks, Henry II, is mortally ill. Not only must the young monk successfully evade all enemies, but he also finds himself in a dangerous race against time.

A historical adventure full of sharp medieval detail and lively wit, Diana Norman’s second novel is perfect for fans of Elizabeth Chadwick and Kate Mosse.
Taal: Engels Categorie: Fantasy & SciFi Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Canelo
Verschenen: 2019-10-03
ISBN: 9781788635134

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