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Call it Wonder: An Odyssey of Love, Sex, Spirit, and Travel

Auteur: Kate Evans Voorlezer: Lee Rivers Luisterboek

Who hasn’t dreamed of chucking it all to live a traveling life? Yet two months after Kate and her husband Dave leave home to live on the road, she awakes in the grips of a seizure. The diagnosis of a brain tumor comes at a terrible time: It is their first-year wedding anniversary, and they have no home. Soon, though, this medical adventure becomes integral to their journey. Paralleling this story are Kate’s painful and often humorous exploits of body, mind, and spirit—including frank explorations of her life as a sexual iconoclast, caregiver to dying parents, and inspired but overwhelmed teacher who longs to write. Kate Evans’ brave and honest memoir explores how transformation is our nature. Call It Wonder reveals how the mind is an alchemist. Through our thoughts, we can transform insecurity to freedom, uncertainty to wonder.

"A joy to read." - T.O.M. Book Award

“Kate Evans writes with honesty, intelligence, and an open heart about what it means to surrender to life. Her story is as engaging as it is inspiring, and it takes the reader on a winding journey into the soul.” — Bill Kenower, author of Write Within Yourself: An Author’s Companion

“Pay attention! Listen carefully to the messages coming your way—be they internal orexternal, physical or metaphysical. That is the heartfelt directive of Kate Evans’ memoir. With satisfying candor and alluring fluency, Evans examines her life, revealing that wisdom can be found everywhere: on a run, inebriated or infatuated; in an airplane, classroom or seizure; from a jockey, dying parent, or friends who turn up all over.” —Patricia Harrelson, author of Between Two Women: Conversations About Love & Relationship

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