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Kiss of Death

Forfatter: Heather Hildenbrand Innleser: Chelsea Stephens Lydbok

Life's a motherforker.

One second, Gem Hawkins is on her way to being the number one drag racer in the state and the next she's burying her father, a badass demon hunter.

The agency calls it a fluke. The official report claims some low level demon caught him off guard while out on patrol.

But Gem knows that's a lie.

When the dirty Nephilim running the investigation refuses to help, Gem takes matters into her own hands.

The Supernatural Security Force is the nation's front line of protection against demons–and Gem's last hope of finding out the truth. If she wants to find out what really happened, she'll need the resources that come with "detective" status. But graduating isn't so easy for a legacy–or for anyone who crosses Rodrigo Garcia.

Her corrupt professor has made one thing clear. For Gem, failure is the kiss of death.

© 2020 Tantor Audio (Lydbok) ISBN: 9781705229088

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