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In Defense of Kindness: Why it Matters, How it Changes Our Lives, and How it Can Save the World

Author: Bruce Reyes-Chow Narrator: David Shih Audiobook

When did kindness become a sign of weakness? These days we view kindness as an inert act based solely on the absence of being a jerk, or as heroic and herculean, beyond the reach and capability of mere mortals. But what if kindness actually had the power to save the world? In his engaging new book In Defense of Kindness, leadership coach and pastor Bruce Reyes-Chow shows how being kind (which is different than being nice) has the power to transform our relationships in all arenas of our life-from the internet to the public square, from with our families to those we find it most difficult to be kind to, from justice work on the streets to boardroom meetings, and in our everyday transactions, from the school drop-off line or standing in line at the coffee shop.

Relevant, insightful, warm, relatable, and written with Bruce's trademark cheeky wit, In Defense of Kindness will jumpstart your heart and inspire you to practice kindness as a daily discipline, grounded in the idea that each person is created and complex and worthy of dignity and respect.

Each chapter ends with reflection questions and several practices for living out kindness in the world every day. Join the kindness movement and help save the world . . . today!

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