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Mindfulness Meditation for Higher Consciousness

Author: Glenn Harrold, Russ Davey Narrator: Glenn Harrold Audiobook

This series of mindfulness meditations will help you to appreciate life in the present moment as you connect with your senses, thoughts and feelings. This is the third title in the series which has been designed to help you raise your consciousness and experience life with a new awareness.

This recording will help you to learn the empowering skill of anchoring yourself in the present moment. You will also be guided through a beautiful visualisation by a starlit beach and be taken on a journey to help you expand your consciousness. This part of the meditation is very powerful and will help you experience deep levels of compassion, gratitude and a higher awareness. When your consciousness expands it opens you up to more creativity, abundance, wisdom and knowledge and can have a positive lasting effect on the way you view the world.

When you are truly present and in a state of being you will move beyond the ego centred state and shift your consciousness to a higher perspective. In this new state of consciousness you will experience life at a higher vibration and naturally become aligned with creativity and abundance. This universal source of energy is always there, just waiting for you to tune in.

Glenn's acclaimed meditation techniques combine with deeply relaxing music by Russ Davey to create a powerful session that will help you make lasting and meaningful changes to your life. Russ's music blends dreamy piano and guitar sounds with calming atmospheric soundscapes, heavenly choirs, chimes and Tibetan chanting.

People who practice mindfulness are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past. Being mindful makes it easier to notice and enjoy the pleasures in life as they unfold. It also improves the way you react to stressful or difficult situations, allowing you to feel calmer and more balanced in everyday life.

Mindfulness takes practice, so for best results, we recommend listening to this 33-minute session once a day. This download also includes a 10 minute edited version of the main track and is ideal as a booster when your time is limited. With regular use you will be much more in control of your feelings and be able cope more easily with the ups and downs of life.

Mindfulness Meditation for Higher Consciousness features a number of positive affirmations including:
- I am connected to a higher consciousness
- My heart is full of love and compassion
- I am an one with the universe
- I love and respect myself
- I continue to raise my consciousness and awareness
- You feel connected to your higher self
- You feel a deep sense of inner peace

Mindfulness lets you heal your mind in a number of ways:
- It helps release the familiar cycle of anxiety, worry and fears.
- It helps you become kinder to yourself, and reduces negative self-talk.
- It helps you to notice automatic reactions and to cease negative habits.
- It allows you to become more creative in your approach to difficult situations.

You can also use mindfulness techniques to cultivate qualities such as kindness, or overcome any number of problems or difficulties in your life.

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