Politics and Religion: A Catholic's Guide to Faith and Public Life - Thomas Massaro

Politics and Religion: A Catholic's Guide to Faith and Public Life

Politics and Religion: A Catholic's Guide to Faith and Public Life

4 1 5 Автор: Thomas Massaro Разказвач: Thomas Massaro
What is the relationship between our faith and public life?

Join top moral theologian and award-winning professor Thomas Massaro, S.J., in exploring the fascinating intersection of personal faith and our work, family, and political lives.

Most of the Founding Fathers seemed to assume that private religiosity could be sealed off neatly from the institutions and affairs of state, but history has demonstrated otherwise. Many of the crucial reforms our nation has undergone, from the abolition of slavery to the achievement of civil rights for all, have been inspired by religious sentiment and activism.

This series offers a wide perspective on the role of religion in our public life. You will examine the challenge of secularization, the workings of civil society, and the pattern of thought called civil religion. You’ll explore precisely how religious voices make themselves heard in the public arena. You will also consider controversial issues such as whether America is actually experiencing a culture war and the possible merits of faith-based initiatives for the provision of public social services.

You will come away with an appreciation of the complex relationships among public theology, American culture, and a philosophy of government that emphasizes the pursuit of the common good. By surveying the major features of the church-state landscape today, you will assess the potential for constructive engagement of faith and public life in the years ahead.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.
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Издателство: Learn25
Публикувана: 2009-11-19
Дължина: 5ч. 1мин.
ISBN: 9781632512222

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