The Tea Leaf Reader - Sarita Gupta

The Tea Leaf Reader

The Tea Leaf Reader

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A scientific journey into life, matter and space, this book answers questions about why we exist, who we are, if life exists outside Earth, the universe, and other truth on life and cosmology. This is a one of a kind book on Metaphysics explaining the paranormal as well as life problems with a scientific approach. The star-wars aren't all lies, and a handful of us do end up interacting with star people, especially at times of war. Earth is governed by star people and they do affect our lives in invisible ways that result in visible changes in our bodies and in the climate, the roots of which, we haven't yet correlated to the goodness and the havoc brought down from the stars. The author draws our attention to some of the burning problems affecting us, along with some suggested remedies to minimize negativity and bring positivity into our lives and on this planet. The book also talks about alternative methods of healing and shares some of the good and the bad about them. We experience our spiritual selves and the invisible realms of Earth more than we know in our cognitive reality or waking consciousness. REVIEWS" Sarita Gupta, in The Tea Leaf Reader: Earth is Ruled by Star People, seeks to bring to her readers the experiences she has been having since 2014 as a clairvoyant. After her powers awakened in 2014, she has been able to communicate with the Star People or Star Aliens as they are also known as. In this manuscript, Gupta seeks to bring a self-help book style novel to the attention of the general population who seek to know why the Earth is experiencing unprecedented events." - Aurora House, Sydney, Australia. "The book talks about new facts about Physics and extraterrestrials influence upon our lives." - Wook, Port, Portugal.
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Издателство: BookRix
Публикувана: 2020-05-14
ISBN: 9783748707042

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