Jesus Christ, Learning Teacher - Mark Chater

Jesus Christ, Learning Teacher

Jesus Christ, Learning Teacher

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The Christian presence in education has never been more controversial. While some secularists oppose any form of religious involvement in schools or universities, some Christians also wonder why the churches are there. Conflicting narratives surround the purpose of Christian involvement in education. Yet at the heart of Christianity stands an educator, whose passion and resurrection can be understood afresh as learning.

But what does it mean to say that Jesus was a teacher? If he was a good teacher, was he also a learner? Is today’s Christian church learning? Can educators help the church to recover a ‘learning Christ’ who places learning at the heart of the Godhead and the church? How could the Christian churches take the educational significance of Jesus more seriously?

Christian teachers often find themselves divided between a professional discourse on learning and making progress, and a theological vocabulary which they do not fully own, connecting only sporadically with their professional identity. This book helps educators to treat their teacher identity as a theological resource, rather than an obstacle, and in so doing to discover new insights on Christ which can be of relevance to the wider church and its mission.
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Издателство: SCM Press
Публикувана: 2020-10-30
ISBN: 9780334059707

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