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Adams Cover Letter Almanac

Adams Cover Letter Almanac

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A sure cure to job-seeker’s writer’s block!

The Adams Cover Letter Almanac, Second Edition is the most comprehensive guide available for creating an attention-getting cover letter. This easy-to-use volume is packed with sample cover letters that can be easily customized to match the needs of any job seeker, whether you’re new to the job market, an experienced professional, changing careers, or reentering the workforce.

A good cover letter can be even more important than a resume. If a prospective employer isn’t impressed by your cover letter, you won’t get that interview no matter how polished your resume is. Yet, many job seekers put little time or thought into their cover letters, often sending the same tired form letter to hundreds of companies. The Adams Cover Letter Almanac, Second Edition gives you an edge on the competition by helping you create powerful, compelling letters that get you noticed.

600 COVER LETTERS Based on professionally written cover letters that have landed real jobs, sample letters are included for every occasion:
-Response to an Online Advertisement
-Response to a Classified Advertisement
-Response to a “Blind” Advertisement
-“Cold” Letter to a Potential Employer
-Letter to an Employment Agency
-Broadcast Letter
-Cover Letters for Special Occasions
-Follow-Up Letter

Whether you’ve recently graduated or are a seasoned executive, you’ll find letters for numerous positions including:
-Accounting and Finance
-Marketing and Sales
-Computers and Engineering
-Social and Human Services
-Health and Medical
-Legal and Protective Services
-And more!

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Издателство: Adams Media
Публикувана: 2006-02-15
ISBN: 9781440518089

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