The Weston Girls - Grace Thompson

The Weston Girls

The Weston Girls

5.0 1 5 Автор: Grace Thompson
Beautiful, rich, and popular: the Weston Girls seem to have it all… until they fall in love with the wrong men The Weston family have always pinned their hopes for creating a dynasty on their glamorous granddaughters. But Joan and Megan – confident and eligible though they are – regularly set tongues wagging with their outrageous behaviour. Their grandmother Gladys decides she must organise a party to find them suitable husbands – and that’s when everything really goes wrong. Meanwhile, fortunes are shifting in Pendragon Island, and when it becomes clear that their sons-in-law Ryan and Islwyn are unable to save their failing family business, the Westons must swallow their pride and learn to rely on the socially ill-favoured Vivian Lewis. However, little do their grandparents know, the Weston girls intend to take things a bit further… The Weston Girls – the second in Grace Thompson’s acclaimed Pendragon Island series – is a charming saga which will transport you to the sunny shores of 1950s Wales. The Pendragon Island SagasCorner of a Small TownThe Weston GirlsUnlocking the PastMaisie's WayA Shop on the High StreetSophie Street Grace Thompson is an acclaimed author of saga and romance novels, and a mainstay of libraries throughout the United Kingdom and beyond. Born and raised in South Wales, she is the author of numerous series, including the Valley series, the Pendragon Island series, and the Badgers Brook series. She published her 42nd novel shortly after celebrating her 80th birthday, and continues to live in Swansea.
Език: Английски Категория: Романси Поредица: A Pendragon Island Saga: 2 Преводач:

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Издателство: Canelo Saga
Публикувана: 2016-05-02
ISBN: 9781910859544

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