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Blind Faith

Автор: Joe McGinniss Разказвач: James Naughton Aудиокнига

The Marshalls were the perfect family in the perfect town. They had new cars and a permanent place in the country club set. Then, on a chilly September night, Maria Marshall--the beautiful wife and mother--was murdered in cold blood. The tragedy had only just begun.

While sympathy poured in for Maria's husband Rob and their three sons, the shocking facts were slowly revealed--facts about money-hungry Rob Marshall, about debts, affairs, and hitmen. And when a police investigation turned into a relentless prosecution and a dramatic trial, an even darker truth came out: Rob Marshall would use anyone--even his sons--to cover his crime...

From bestselling writer Joe McGinniss, here is the powerful true story of a horrifying murder, the quest for justice, and the disintegration of an American dream.

© 2008 Simon & Schuster Audio (Aудиокнига) ISBN: 9780743581776

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