Bridge of Lies

Bridge of Lies

Bridge of Lies

Greg Dinallo

A Russian reporter’s next big story leads him to Washington, DC, and a plot to destroy the Capitol in this explosive thriller by the author of Red Ink.

Russian Nikolai Katkov grew up under the Soviet regime and came of age as a journalist during the Cold War. Devotees of truth, justice, and the American way, he and his colleague Nina Grafinskaya have always been highly critical of Russia’s leadership. But soon after she publishes an article on their president’s inner circle, Nina is assassinated. Then her FBI contact is found dead, leaving Niko to take over Nina’s unfinished piece on a Russian mole within US federal security. Believing the two stories are linked, Niko heads to Washington, DC, to investigate—only to get a target put on his back in the process.

In DC, FBI special agent and liaison to the Joint Terrorism Task Force Lana Nichols is implementing a major upgrade to railroad computer security. A sexy, young cyberterrorism expert, Lana also lands the assignment of babysitting Niko, who attracts Russian thugs and hit men like a magnet.

Niko eventually realizes the Russians have been playing the long game to destabilize America—and now all the pieces are finally in place. Their plot isn’t about protecting the mole, but rather protecting a Code Red op. Soon Niko uncovers the mole’s identity. Cover blown, the mole heads off the grid, and the op is about to go live.

Trains laden with volatile chemicals frequently journey up the Eastern Seaboard, crossing a bridge just a few blocks from the Capitol. If the bridge were to give out, it would spell disaster. And with the State of the Union address approaching, the clock is ticking loudly. Now Niko and the US authorities must determine the mole’s next steps—and whether the Russians can be stopped in time . . .

Praise for New York Times Notable Book Red Ink

“Dinallo . . . neatly shows the turmoil and hand-to-mouth desperation of Moscow life . . . and his pacing is properly frenetic. . . . All will enjoy the breakneck roller-coaster ride.” —Publishers Weekly

“Dinallo . . . doesn’t stop once to catch his breath as his tale of modern Russia whisks readers from Moscow to Cuba and back. . . . Suspenseful, fast-paced throughout, a surprising entertainment and a riveting read.” —Kirkus Reviews


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