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Doc's Sick, Honey--I'll Take Over: My Modest Wife’s Embarrassing At-Home Gyno Exam on Zoom--a Medical Erotica!

Автор: J.C. Cummings Разказвач: Scott Ashey Aудиокнига

My Modest Wife’s Embarrassing At-Home Gyno Exam on Zoom - a Medical Erotica. Steve Donahue’s wife, Lori, is one modest woman, that’s for sure. And Steve doesn’t get it. Lori has a stunning, curvy body, but she is so painfully shy about it that she never seems willing to let him and his hungry hands have some real fun with it.

But that’s only because she never HAD to!

That is, until, one morning, just as she’s about to leave to go have her work physical. The phone rings. It’s her doctor, Bruce Simms. He informs her that he has strep and, therefore, can’t examine her today.

Ooh, that’s a problem. Lori needs her paperwork submitted right away, or she can’t start work.

But not to worry…Dr. Simms comes up with a brilliant idea: He’ll put in a Zoom call and walk Steve through the entire procedure.

Well, Steve is thrilled. Lori, on the other hand, is appalled. There’s no way she can go through with this.

Then again, no exam…no work.

That’s when things go from bad to worse:

- Lori needs to get everything off and cover herself with a sheet.

- This exam will be in the kitchen, where the lighting is better.

- There will be a bunch of young med students looking on.

- This exam will be beyond thorough—and Steve has to do the whole thing…with his own two slippery hands!

Now, if you were Steve, how would you feel?

Read the very humiliating, very thrilling tale today and find out!

Fans of ENF medical erotica featuring beautiful, submissive women—this story is for you. And if you like your females highly humiliated, you’re in for a treat! Get your tantalizing copy today!

This is Book #3 in J.C. Cummings’ newest series: “Horny Husbands, Humiliated Housewives” series.

From J.C.: In my experience, there are multitudes of husbands out there who, on the one hand, love their wives dearly. Sadly, when it comes down to sex-stuff, these wives often let modesty, innocence, or conservative morals get in the way of giving their husband some of what they truly want—even if it’s naughty, kinky, or just plain dirty.

Hey, guys like ‘dirty’—it’s how they roll. If only their wives could let them take charge and indulge in their dirty side once in a while.

In this sleazy series, one sexually frustrated husband after the other is given the thrill of a lifetime when his modest wife finds herself naked, shaking, and made to submit to his domination over her in the most titillating ways imaginable. In the end, she’s harrowed and humiliated out of her mind, and he’s happy, hard, and finally in control!

Each story is a dream-come-true for some lucky “man about the house”!

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