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Автор: William Shakespeare Разказвач: A Full Cast Aудиокнига

Blackstone Audio is proud to present the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s brilliant production of Shakespeare’s disturbing and psychologically rich masterpiece Hamlet. Whether you’re a Hamlet scholar or being exposed to this work for the first time, this stunning work of audio theater, fully dramatized with performances by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival cast, is a must-listen.

In Denmark a king is dead. His brother, Claudius, has snatched the throne, and the widowed queen, yet life goes on—for everyone but Prince Hamlet. The prince, fixated on his uncle as the murderer, is charged by his father’s ghost to avenge the wrong. Disconnected from the foul world around him, Hamlet strains under the weight of his task, descending into madness, both real and feigned.

© 2011 Blackstone Publishing (Aудиокнига) ISBN: 9781481546010

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