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Koontown Killing Kaper [Dramatized Adaptation]

Автор: Bill Campbell Разказвач: Christopher Graybill, James Lewis, Alejandro Ruiz, Amanda Forstrom, Bradley Smith, Lolita Horne, Duyen Washington, Anthony Palmini, Jefferson Russell, Zeke Aton, Amelia Gamman Aудиокнига

An Anti-Racism Satire. With this work, author Bill Campbell conducts a gleeful evisceration of the social tropes, stereotypes, and conspiracy theories running rampant in today’s popular culture. All the rappers in Koontown are being killed, and everybody thinks it is vampire crack babies who are doing the killing. Desperate, the police reach out to Genevieve Noire, a former supermodel and homicide detective now working as a private eye, to save the day. Called the """"Invisible Man of the Hip-Hop Generation"""", this underground Afrofuturism classic is now, for the first time, available in audio! Performed by Duyen Washington, Jefferson Russell, James Lewis, Zeke Aton, Lolita Horne, Christopher Graybill, Alejandro Ruiz, Amanda Forstrom, Amelia Gamman, Anthony Palmini, Bradley Smith, Bru Ajueyitsi, Brandon Burton, Carolyn Kashner, Colleen Delany, Darius Johnson, Deirdra Starnes, Elliot Dash, Erika Rose, James J. Johnson, DeJeanette Horne, Jackie Francis, Joy Jones, Karen Novak, Ken Jackson, Kenyatta Rogers, Michael John Casey, Nanette Savard, Peter Holdway, Richard Rohan, Scott McCormick, Steve Wannall, Terence Aselford, Tony Penny, Tuyet Thi Pham, Yasmin Tuazon, and Yesenia Iglesias.

© 2021 GraphicAudio (Aудиокнига) ISBN: 9781648819377

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