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Lingua Franca

Автор: William Thacker Е-книга

A marketer learns the limitations of language in this “hilarious” and thought-provoking satire (Flux Magazine).

Miles Platting is pulled from the ruins of a shipwreck into a hospital in which no one will speak to him. The founder of Lingua Franca—a naming rights agency committed to renaming every UK town after a corporate sponsor—Miles is desperate to recount the story of his quest for linguistic supremacy to anyone who’ll listen.

Confined to his bed in a deathly quiet ward, Miles seeks to find his colleagues and reunite with his true love. But in doing so, he must confront his most deeply held convictions and consider the question of what’s in a name in a world where the spoken word has been replaced with silence.

© 2020 Legend Press (Е-книга) ISBN: 9781785079757

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