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The Boys: Volume 2 [Dramatized Adaptation]

Автор: Garth Ennis Разказвач: Terence Aselford, Christopher Walker, Michael John Casey, Eric Messner, Jonathon Church, Kenyatta Rogers, Laura C. Harris, Alejandro Ruiz, Matthew Bassett, Joe Mallon, Dave Coyne Aудиокнига

Everyone has something to get off their chest: Frenchie confronts the Female about her work with the Mafia, Mother's Milk goes to see his mom, Annie wants a word with God himself, and Butcher enjoys yet another ghastly tryst with CIA Director Rayner.

The Legend, meanwhile, offers to tell Hughie everything he wants to know about The Boys - all Hughie has to do is take a walk with the dead.

Things take a darker turn when one of the original G-Men, commits suicide which is bad news for Vought-American as there’s far too much at stake for anyone to go poking around now.

16 Comics Issues Adapted to GraphicAudio containing GOOD FOR THE SOUL, I TELL YOU NO LIE, G.I. & WE GOTTA GO NOW.

Performed by Michael John Casey, Eric Messner, Dave Coyne, Laura C. Harris, Terence Aselford, KenYatta Rogers, Christopher Walker, Jonathon Church, Matthew Bassett, Alejandro Ruiz, Joe Mallon, Steve Wannall, Amanda Forstrom, Matthew Pauli, Steven Carpenter, Chris Stinson, James J. Johnson, Colleen Delany, Richard Rohan, David Zitney, Andrew Quilpa, Bradley Smith, Evan Casey, Matthew Schleigh, Dawn Ursula, Elaine Yuko Qualter, Henry Kramer, Nick DePinto, Chris Genebach, Karen Novak, Nanette Savard, Jonathan Watkins, Ken Jackson, Kimberly Gilbert, and Scott McCormick.

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Aудиокнига) ISBN: 9781648815966

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