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The Voyage Out

Автор: Virginia Woolf Е-книга

“As poignant as anything in modern fiction”: An English girl comes of age on a journey to South America in this debut novel by the author of Mrs. Dalloway (E. M. Forster).

Aboard her father’s cargo ship, young Rachel Vinrace meets Helen and Ridley Ambrose, her aunt and uncle, who invite her to join them at a South American resort for the winter. Shy and introspective, Rachel tentatively agrees, and soon finds herself on a voyage of liberation and self-discovery as she experiences the excitement and calamity of young love.

With an appearance by Clarissa Dalloway—and a fateful encounter between her husband and Rachel—Virginia Woolf’s debut novel anticipates the groundbreaking brilliance of her later works while displaying all their wit, insight, and heartbreaking sensitivity.

“For all its tragic interest, The Voyage Out is not low-keyed; it even has a slight buoyancy of tone, as if clear perception itself brought a continual zest to its writer. Woolf has the diversity of power which makes the great writer of narrative.” —New Republic

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