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The Secret to Peak Productivity: A Simple Guide to Reaching Your Personal Best

Autor: Tamara Myles Narrador: Cyndee Maxwell Audiobook

In this constantly-connected, do-more-with-less world, being able to increase your productivity is a real advantage. Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) and productivity expert Tamara Myles has developed a simple model-the Productivity Pyramid-which provides an actionable framework for anyone to achieve better results. Based on a sequence of steps leading to peak performance, the author's easily adapt able system consists of five levels:

• Physical Organization: from decluttering to filing-fool-proof strategies for handling incoming papers and ensuring information remains accessible

• Electronic Organization: from dealing with email to electronic file management options such as cloud computing

• Time Management: mastering the three P's-Plan, Prioritize, and Perform

• Activity-Goal Alignment: breaking objectives into specific, relevant, and measurable daily tasks

• Possibility: identifying new life and business goals that will help you reach your greatest potential

Since no single solution will work for everyone, The Secret to Peak Productivity helps you tailor your own personal plan. First, a quick assessment determines your strengths and weaknesses and pinpoints where to focus for immediate results. Then, as you reach each productivity level, you will find a range of potential strategies-allowing you to choose the ones that are right for you for truly remarkable results.

© 2014 Ascent Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781469089256

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