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British Serial Killers - S01E01

Autor: Lone Theils Narrador: Sarah Paul Audiolibro y Libro electrónico

Why do people become killers? Are they simply born with a pure evil nature? Or are there other factors at stake? And how are they eventually discovered and caught?
Lone Theils is an acclaimed thriller author and has lived and worked as a journalist in the UK for 16 years. In this audio series, she takes a closer look at some of the UK's most notorious killers and tries to understand their psychology. What factors led to their horrific acts? How can a human being come to such inhuman behavior, not once, but over and over again?

Warning, this audio series includes graphic and explicit content.

© 2021 Storytel Original (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9789180112406 © 2021 Storytel Original (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9789180241908 Título original: Britiske seriemordere Traductor: Cindy Lynn Brown

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