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Summary of Miller's Valley: by Anna Quindlen | Includes Analysis

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Summary of Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen | Includes Analysis


Miller’s Valley is a coming-of-age story set in a fictional town in Pennsylvania. There, Mimi Miller and her family live under the constant threat of flooding from severe rainstorms and from the government, which hopes to turn the town into a reservoir. As her family falls apart and the town moves slowly towards its inevitable demise, the protagonist begins her life as a successful young adult.

Mimi lives in Miller’s Valley with her parents, Buddy and Miriam; her older brother, Tommy, and her aunt Ruth, who resides in a second house on the same property. Mimi’s oldest brother, Eddie, ten years her senior, has already left home. When she’s not at school, Mimi passes the time selling ears of corn with the help of her best friends, LaRhonda and Donald. At home, she spends a lot of time visiting Aunt Ruth, who’s a shut-in. Sisters Ruth and Miriam have an antagonistic relationship…

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