The Woman and the Fisherman - Erotic Short Story - Beatrice Nielsen

The Woman and the Fisherman - Erotic Short Story

The Woman and the Fisherman - Erotic Short Story

1 1 5 Autor:in: Beatrice Nielsen Sprecher:in: Lily Ward
Louisa loves the early summer on the Costa Brava. She has been coming there for many years, and there is something about the lonely beaches before the high season that she just cannot do without. She walks slowly down the gorge toward her favorite lagoon where she spreads out her towel and finds her book.

Suddenly she hears a clinking sound. She looks up, and she sees is a small fishing boat in the lagoon. Then she sees him. The fisherman. He appears at the rocks along the water. The clinking sound comes from the metal net he has over his shoulder. His tanned and muscular upper body is moist with sweat and seawater. Without making any sound, Louisa calls to him through her gaze and he responds to her call…

This short story is published in collaboration with the Swedish filmproducer Erika Lust. Her intention is to depict human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and love in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.

Beatrice Nielsen is the pseudonym of an experienced author and editor. In addition to 'The Woman and the Fisherman', she has also published the erotic short story 'Brunch and Orgasms'.
Sprache: English Kategorie: Erotika Serien: LUST: 1 Übersetzer: Sif Rose Thaysen

Mehr Informationen über das Hörbuch:

Verlag: Lust
Veröffentlicht: 2020-02-03
Länge: 25Min
ISBN: 9788726203738

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Verlag: Lust
Veröffentlicht: 2019-07-31
ISBN: 9788726203646

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