Never Too Old - Carol Lynne

Never Too Old

Never Too Old

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Finding true love twice in a lifetime is a gift Joe refuses to turn his back on, despite Holly’s age. A widower of ten years, fifty-six-year-old Joe Dunberg is finally interested in a woman besides his late wife. The problem is Holly is twenty-six years old. Joe knows Holly is attracted to him, but the age difference seems too much to overcome. To Holly, small-town doctor Joe has always seemed like the perfect man. She’s spent her life looking for someone who could measure up to him. Despite their age difference, Holly finds Joe to be the sexiest man in town, and Holly is ready to unleash her fantasies with him. Joe has his own fantasies. Despite his misgivings, he’s ready to explore the sensual side of himself with Holly. He just hopes her heart is in it as much as his own.
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Verlag: Totally Bound Publishing
Veröffentlicht: 2017-12-19
ISBN: 9781786864277

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