Homeward - Frankie Love



4.04 126 5 Verfasser: Frankie Love Sprecher: Joe Arden, Maxine Mitchell
Als Hörbuch.
Idaho is the last place a man like me would ever expect to find the woman of his dreams. But there she is, running a Bed & Breakfast, with her heart-shaped face and magnetic smile. And she has no idea who I am. Just like me, there is more to Laila than meets the eye--this girl has been broken more times than she can count. She's lost all faith in a man ever helping her piece together her shattered dreams. But she's never met a mountain man like me. The distance between her heart and mine may seem wide, but I refuse to give up because she deserves happiness more than any woman I've ever known. I may be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but in her arms, I feel like I've come home. Dear Reader, HOMEWARD features hidden identities, secret babies, and a few stalkers who aren't going to stop until they take what they want. Don't worry, no one is gonna mess with the babies on Miracle Mountain, I can guarantee you that! This story is steamy, sweet, and sure to make you want to fall into the arms of the closest bearded-hottie. xo, frankie
Sprache: English Kategorie: Erotika Serien: The Mountain Man's Babies: 8 Übersetzer:

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Verlag: Insatiable Press
Veröffentlicht: 2018-11-29
Länge: 2Std. 21Min
ISBN: 9781624616136

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