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While working undercover, Langham thought hed catch some kind of break. He thought wrong. Years ago, Langham was on a case where missing men were being buried in other peoples graves. He's now working undercover at a cemetery, trying to glean information. Is someone who works at the graveyard involved? Will new bodies be dumped there now that men have started going missing again? He isn't sure, but when a man starts staring at him through the railings, Langhams instinct kicks in. Something isn't right. Before he can do anything about it, he's kidnapped and bundled into a van. Later, his lover Oliver is shoved into the van, too, and they're taken on a long journey. With the dead remaining silent and not giving Oliver anything to go on that will help them in their dilemma, the pair realise they're on their own. Left hanging by their wrists from a cellar ceiling, the two men acknowledge that maybe this time their luck really has run out. But what they dont see is whats going on in the big house they're incarcerated in, and that maybe, just maybe, someone might be on their side...
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Verlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Veröffentlicht: 2014-11-28
ISBN: 9781784302993

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