Begging to Serve - Morticia Knight

Begging to Serve

Begging to Serve

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A feisty, untrained Dominant shows up at Hampton Road. Could he be the right man who Colins been saving himself for? Submissive Colin loves his new life and job at The Hampton Road Club. He doesn't mean to make the staff angry when he reorganizes everything or to frustrate the available Masters by never letting them touch him. He only wants to serve someone, to make them happy, but he's also waiting for the right man-the way his grandmother had advised him to do before she died. Another night, another brawl. Roddy had hoped that Hollywood would have better male prospects than Louisville when it came to playing rough. When Roddys latest would-be conquest threatens him with bodily harm, Roddy is chased right into the path of two of Hampton Roads Masters, Ned and Aaron. They describe a wonderful club to him, where sadomasochistic men can enjoy each other, hidden safely behind the walls of an elegant mansion. The moment Colin and Roddy spot each other, they fall hard and fast. While Master Saul is thrilled that Colin has finally found someone, what do any of them really know about their new guest? It seems that Sauls fears are ungrounded until tragedy strikes in Roddys world. Its then that the validity of Colin and Roddys new love is truly tested. Was their bond real, or did Roddy have another agenda hed kept secret all along?
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Verlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Veröffentlicht: 2016-03-22
ISBN: 9781786513892

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