Austin - Jeannine Colette,Lauren Runow



3.96 50 5 Verfasser: Jeannine Colette,Lauren Runow Sprecher: Alex Kydd, Amelie Griffin
Als Hörbuch.
"Tell me a secret," I ask. "I'm falling for you." Austin Sexton is a bad-boy media mogul and heir to the Sexton Empire. On the outside, he's a whiskey-slinging bachelor with the world on a string. Problem is, strings break easily. Deep within lies a war hero who refuses accolades. He buries his pain with his vices, and against my better judgment, I've become one of them. No matter how hard I try to push him away, his secrets draw me in. This man, who appears careless, has passion. If I were looking for someone in my life, I could see myself falling for a guy like him. Good thing love is the last thing I'm looking for. Contains mature themes.
Sprache: English Kategorie: Romance Serien: Sexton Brothers Series: 1 Übersetzer:

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Verlag: Tantor Audio
Veröffentlicht: 2019-06-18
Länge: 9Std. 15Min
ISBN: 9781400170234

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