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Backpacking Junkie

Backpacking Junkie

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From the Desk of the How-To Junkie for the 'Backpacking Junkie': Howdy friend, who wants 'to backpack around the world by yourself,' Why would anyone want to backpack around the word? Backpacking offers many rewarding experience and enlightenment for those who want to seek excitement and thrills, learn new things, witness different culture, gain new perspectives, understand the world, meet and make new friends around the world...and the list goes on and on. You see, there are so just countless reasons why everybody should do a backpacking trip at least once in their life - and do it solo. Then why aren't you? What's holding you back? Fear? Money? Not knowing how? Nobody to go with? All these are relatable reasons with simple solutions. 'Backpacking Junkie' will take you from clueless, newbie backpacker to savvy, seasoned backpacker to travel the world by yourself. By being a 'Backpacking Junkie,' you will know: * How to map out where to go next on your travel that is economical and fun while being spontaneous all at the same time. * How to find cheap and even free transportations to wherever you're heading and accommodations at wherever you're staying. * How to choose the best backpack and pack only the bare essentials of what you'll need to avoid being uncomfortably overburdened and hampered. * How to travel with all the right gadgets and apps, even if you fear technology, so you know how to navigate your way around the globe, communicate in a foreign language in a foreign land, save on data plan, connect with friends and families, etc. * How to situate yourself anywhere your heart desires to make your temporary/permanent home, regardless if you weren't planning on it, to go from being a mere sole traveler to a global citizen of the world. ...and full-satisfied junkie more. Now it's time to get cracking and packing, and get going to wherever the wind takes you to live life like a rolling stone. Unlock your inner peripatetic. Experience a whole new world today. Signing off. Your friend, - The How-To Junkie
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Editorial: Authors Republic
Publicado: 2017-08-02
Duración: 40M
ISBN: 9781518962264

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