Born in Blood - Sanjay Sanawani

Born in Blood

Born in Blood

3,67 3 5 Autor: Sanjay Sanawani Narrador: Manikant Sarbhoy

Sameer Chakravarty didn’t show any mercy as he emptied the revolver into Rahmatullah’s chest and heartlessly kicked his quivering, lifeless body. Rahmatullah collapsed like a log of wood. Blood gushed out like jets of a fountain from the innumerable holes in Rahmatullah’s chest. After a moment, the spurts died down.
His body stopped quivering. Sameer looked at his now mangled face with contempt. Putting the smoking revolver back into his hip pocket, he turned his back to the dead body. He made his way through the all-encompassing clutter in the house and came out."

Welcome to the world of Sameer Chakravarty and his adventures.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Novela negra Traductor: TranslationPanacea

Editorial: Storytel Original IN
Publicado: 2021-04-01
Duración: 1H 40M

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