30,000 Leagues Undersea - Tom Vetter

30,000 Leagues Undersea

30,000 Leagues Undersea

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Journey with me into the abyss, a world far more dangerous than space!Whats this book about? Life. Death. Imminent danger. Unexpected reprieve. Victory. Defeat. Success. Failure. Thermo-nuclear war. True love. Loss. High drama. Low comedy. Ronald Reagan. Mikhail Gorbachev. And Bond, James Bond.Theyre all here. Ninety amazing and entirely true tales of swash-buckling adventure on the sea and beneath it, as a boy grows into manhood steadfastly pursuing his lifelong dream, wins a million-to-one shot to become a Hydronaut, and lives a life of high adventure undersea exploring the abyss, a world far more dangerous than space.The author states:I have been trapped on the seafloor twice. Deluged by flooding as I dove a submarine to its maximum depth. In control of a submerged submarine on fire. Alone on a sinking boat at night, bailing to stay alive. Out of air with empty lungs while diving 90 feet down. Next to a fool about to light his cigarette as we stood on 66,000 gallons of high-octane gasoline. And I have had the chance to do and see amazing things, enough for ten lives.I have sailed 100,000 miles in submarines, dove more than three miles to the abyssal seafloor of the Pacific, and explored an alien world far more dangerous than space. I have gone to places on Earth no one else ever will. I found the first naval aviator ever recovered from the abyss. I mapped the wreckage of USS Thresher. And I held thermonuclear targeting steady on Mother Russia as President Reagan met Gorbachev in Reykjavik.In this book, I tell those stories and more, 90 stories of a life spent undersea. These are the good parts, cooked down to short tales you can read on a bus, a lunch break, or in your bunk before lights out.Join me. I will take you places no one else can. You will survive, I promise, and have a good time along the way. So come on-dive in!"At turns gripping, compelling, and simply enchanting, Vetters 30,000 Leagues Undersea is a door straight into a breathtaking world few human beings have ever touched... or ever will." -- Holly Lisle.30,000 Leagues Undersea. Fiction adventures Jules Verne might have written. But I lived them.
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Publicado: 2015-03-31
ISBN: 9781941160107

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