The Books of Ruth & Esther: An Expositional Commentary - Chuck Missler

The Books of Ruth & Esther: An Expositional Commentary

The Books of Ruth & Esther: An Expositional Commentary

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This study explores two pivotal Old Testament women: Ruth is even venerated in secular literature classes as an elegant love story. It not only reveals the operation of certain laws of ancient Israel, but also a unique craftsmanship of prophetic typology unrivaled anywhere in Scripture. Esther is a dramatic account of foiled plots and retribution. With its confrontational climax, there would have been no rebuilding of Jerusalem, no Temple, no Messiah. Esther means “somethings hidden”! This the only Bible book in which the name of God, or other divine title, does not appear. Yet, God’s name does appear in a number of places if one knows how and where to look! Both of these books, filled with all the intrigue, romance, and action of any modern-day screen play, have been heralded for their literary value for centuries. But this is not their most rewarding feature. God's use of these two faithful women brings a new understanding of God's faithfulness and the importance of our faithful participation.
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Publicado: 2018-03-15
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ISBN: 9781518995736

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