Too Keen

4 4 5 Autor: AKM Miles
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The instant attraction between Keen and Lance leads to some of the most bizarre and amazing occurrences, not to mention deep love and fabulous sex.

Chaos Magnets. That's the nickname Keen and Lance earned through several unexpected acts of bravery among madness and mayhem. They were drawn to each other upon first meeting. Good thing Lance would be staying next door to Keen while visiting his step-sister. It's a wonder they have any time for the relationship to develop, since every time they go out it seems something happens and they end up talking to the police and explaining things.

Lance's martial arts background and Keen's brains and brawn save the day more than once.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Romántica Traductor:

Editorial: Totally Bound Publishing
Publicado: 2010-01-25
ISBN: 9780857150196

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