Fashionably Late - Beth Kendrick

Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late

3.357142857142857 14 5 Autor: Beth Kendrick Narrador: Shannon McManus
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Becca Davis has always played it safe – denying her passion for fashion design in a dead-end job and letting her pragmatic boyfriend (mastermind of the "Kevin Bradley Ten-Year Plan") make the tough decisions in life. Stunned into saying yes when Mr. Predictable springs a surprise proposal on her, Becca realizes that she's running out of time to turn her life around. She's only got one more chance to chase her dreams and no one – not her control-freak fiancé, not her dramaholic sisters, not her overprotective parents – will talk her out of it. Terrified but determined, Becca breaks off her engagement, moves in with her sister in Los Angeles, and prepares to take the fashion world by storm. The reality of the Hollywood scene is much harsher than she anticipated – lots of slamming doors, snooty clients, and double-crossing celebrity stylists – but she won't give up. And while she's waiting for her big break, she meets Connor, a sexy risk-taker who's the polar opposite of her ex-fiancé. Is Becca ready for his all-or-nothing approach to love? With her design business taking off and her family starting to fall apart, she's about to learn the timeliest lesson of all: love and fashion wait for no woman.
Idioma: Inglés Categoría: Novelas Traductor:

Editorial: Ideal Audiobooks
Publicado: 2018-12-08
Duración: 7H 12M
ISBN: 9781942907503

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