The Gold Brick - Nishant Diwan

The Gold Brick

The Gold Brick

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Rehan Dutta, a young chap from Ahmedabad, finds himself working for one of the biggest on the rise companies in India. Mumbai, the land of opportunities grabs him too in its claws and shows Rehan the dream life. For someone like him, who came from nothing, had everything in an eye-blink; parties, alcohol, drugs, poker, sex, politics and much more. He was rolling at very high stakes. But the thing about Mumbai is that it does not accept everyone. It all seemed amazing initially, but eventually it turned out to be a nightmare for him. But Rehan too was unyielding. Witness how he does not just lose against the system, but changes it. But the real question is that does he change the system or did the system actually change him? Welcome to The Gold Brick; come see, whether Rehan Dutta, on his quest of retaining everything, in the end gain what he wants, or even lose what he's got? Like the great saying, "Behind Every Great Fortune, There Is A Crime."
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Publicado: 2017-01-09
ISBN: 9789352016990

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