Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes For All Ages - Elsabe Smit

Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes For All Ages

Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes For All Ages

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Inspirational daily quotes for each day of the year to encourage spiritual growth and explain why certain events happen in your life Ask yourself the following: * Do you notice the small miracles in your life? * Do you see the truth in mundane events? * Do you like to start your day with a spiritual pick-me-up? If you answered YES to the above, then this book is for you. Elsabe Smit has a knack for bringing spiritual teaching into our lives by interpreting events. She sees the truth in small things and brings them in line with the spiritual teachings that are sometimes hard to put into practice. In this book she shares her wisdom in a simple, effective way by providing snippets for contemplation. In 'Wonder Why? Inspirational Daily Quotes for All Ages' you will learn: * How your perceptions influence your experience * Why having strong emotions about anything makes your life worse * How to use humor that bites like a lamb rather than a lion * That under the skin we all share the same life experiences * How tradition sometimes is based on wrong information * Why carrying grudges is not healthy * That life and the Universe aims at helping us find balance * What energy is and how to use energy * How to get the best out of change * How to turn incidents into opportunities * And many other themes ... The book is written as a series of inspirational daily quotes on which you can pause and reflect every day. Take action now. Scroll up and click the 'buy' button at the top of this page and you can read or listen to the book on your Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.
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Editorial: Authors Republic
Publicado: 2016-04-14
Duración: 49M
ISBN: 9781518924095

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