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A Tasty Dish

Autor: Kelly Cain Narrador: Deanna Anthony Audiolibro

Kasi Blythewood has spent most of her life in the shadow of her famous film-producer father who’s deliberately kept her under his thumb with tough love. Ready to make a name for herself, she secretly heads to Austin for a film conference to rustle up some financing for her dream project—an indie series that showcases cuisine from around the world. When Kasi meets chef Declan Everheart, it’s instant lust spiced with an intriguing business opportunity. Declan’s father, a Michelin star chef, is interested in funding her film, but there is a sexy string attached—Declan must be a producer on her series. Not ideal. Kasi craves independence, and she knows business and pleasure never mix well, but she’s exhausted all other options. Declan’s more than just eye candy, and Kasi’s not blind. She immediately discovers Declan's not just a natural producer and talented chef, he also shines on camera as the host. Can she convince him to break away from his father and build the life he wants... with her?

© 2022 Dreamscape Media (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781666535068

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