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American Fathers: A Tale of Intrigue, Inspiration, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Autor: Laura Baker, Ron Schutz Libro electrónico

An inspirational modern-day fable about finding success, happiness and the American dream both in business and in life.

A smart and level-headed recent college graduate, Sasha thinks he has a good grip on life—until everything goes haywire. His ideal family is shattered when his mom leaves and his dad re-marries. Even more unsettling, Sasha is forced to question his own identity when he starts receiving mysterious messages from a Russian agent claiming to be his biological father.

Determined to make his own way, Sasha boldly starts his own business as his enigmatic new father-figure mentors him in the ways of capitalism, personal finance, and starting a new business based on an innovative idea.

Follow Sasha on his spiritual journey to his own path among friends who are from different faiths. This fast-moving tale spins an unfolding mystery while offering practical tools for life and businesses.

© 2018 Morgan James Publishing (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9781683503507

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