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Aristotle Detective: An Aristotle Detective Novel

Autor: Margaret Doody Libro electrónico

In ancient Athens, the great philosopher applies logic to a lethal crime—in the “eminently enjoyable” first novel in a historical mystery series (Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse Mysteries).

Young Stephanos is desperate to save his family’s honor by proving in the Athenian court that his exiled cousin is not guilty of shooting an arrow into a prominent patrician. For help, he turns to his old teacher—the cunning and clever thinker known as Aristotle.

It will all lead up to a tense public trial in which Stephanos must draw on the rhetorical skills he’s learned from his eccentric, brilliant mentor, in this novel filled with suspense, humor, and historical detail—the first in a series of “witty, elegant whodunits” (Times Literary Supplement).

“[An] unusually authentic Ancient-Greece murder tale.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Doody brings the Athens of 322 BC to life with skill and verve…wonderfully plotted.”—Publishers Weekly

© 2014 The University of Chicago Press (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9780226131849

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