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Blue Twilight: Sky & Fall Book 2

Autor: Jesper Ersgård Narrador: John Chancer Audiolibro

A movie star, a villain and a find in Siberia that changes everything, for all of us.
The United States has intercepted indecipherable signals from Sweden and Russia. A team from the from the U.S. Air Force are sent to Stockholm and events unfold at an epic pace. The big question that echoes through the story is dizzying. Who are we and where do we really come from?
The second book in this exciting trilogy about Rebecca Skyler and Alexander DeFall.

© 2023 Storytel Original (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9789180359863 Título original: Sky & Fall 2 - Blå skymning Traductor: Mikaela Hincks

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