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How to Bliss

Autor: Adam Martin Narrador: Adam Martin Audiolibro

12 immersive and original sound meditations for reflection, solace, joy and bliss from the creator of the hit podcast GABA.

Head up phone down. I am here to teach you how to bliss. To simply be. To be as happy as a kiss.

How to Bliss is a meditative spell that is designed to instil within a sense of bliss. At its heart unfolds a simple philosophy for life; that everything you need to feel happy and content is already contained within you.

The book can be enjoyed in its entirety, as a lyrical fable for finding happiness. Or you can choose to return to your favourite chapters as a guided meditation.

Through Adam’s unique blend of electronic soundscapes, sounds from the natural world, poetry and storytelling, this is next generation meditation as you’ve never experienced it before.

© 2022 William Collins (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9780008502232

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