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How to Find Success In Marriage, Relationships and Love: The Success You Always Wanted in Love, Marriage and Relationships

Autor: Raymoni Love Narrador: John Fiore Audiolibro

Finding true love is hard when one does not know or understand to separate their needs from their wants. And marriages would stop ending in divorce if they communicate more effectively, and differentiate love in the movies from reality. This book has been revised to specifically change people hearts toward believing that their relationships can succeed in marriage and marriages can succeed to a lifelong commitment. However, the first thing book works on is the perception women have of themselves, and the men they desire. Secondly, it focuses on men and what is expectant of them to lead, support and forever stay in love with their mates. The journey of love and success begins when you incorporate the essentials of this book to mind and heart and bring love and success to your dreams of finding and keeping love. How to Find Success in Marriage, Relationships, and Love, is designed to help single men and women discover the games and lies that exist in relationships, for married couples to spice up their marriage and at the same time continue honoring their vows. This is the most complete and realistic book about relationships, breakups, divorces, love, and marriage.

© 2018 Author's Republic (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781982711467